My niece will be staying with us next weekend.  What does that mean today?  A thorough cleaning of the entire house!

The house is full of clutter.  I am terrible about not picking up after myself.  I frequently start to organize a section of the house, but am quickly distracted, or become overwhelmed thinking of the enormity of the project.  More often than not, this results in nothing getting done.  It’s a quality of mine that I’ve always hated.  I would love to have a tidy home with very little “stuff” hanging around.  I just can’t seem to get there.  I’ve recently learned that this may be symptomatic of ADHD.  The more I think about the possibility, the more aware I am of the little things that I do that scream of ADHD.

Of course, I don’t dismiss the fact that I’m simply a messy, disorganized person.  That certainly still holds true.  However, when I’m faced with a deadline (i.e. niece spending the weekend), and forced to clean up, I feel so much better.  Purging old magazines, old paperwork and old clothing from the house feels so good.  Sitting in a room with remarkably less “stuff” is relaxing.

There is satisfaction that comes from hauling a few garbage bags out of the house.  Every time I do this, I promise myself that I’ll “keep on top of things”.  Not this time.  I’m tired of disappointing myself by not keeping promises.  I’ll simply do my best to keep the house as “relaxed” as possible.  Whether it’s ADHD that prevents me, or sheer laziness, I will work harder to maintain order.  Perhaps I’ll start a schedule; another chart to be started and left unfinished and ignored.

Back to the drawing board…