Binge TV

TV StaticRecent inner monologue:

“Hmm, lately I’ve been a little sad. Nothing extreme, just a little sad in the evenings. Wonder why? What’s changed? Nothing’s changed.

How long has this been going on? Let’s see… it seems to be about 2 weeks. Ok, what happened 2 weeks ago? Huh, could it be? “Party of Five” was added to Netflix 2 weeks ago.”

With Netflix, iTunes and other streaming media services, a new way of watching TV has emerged: binging! When “Orange is the New Black” was released, we ripped through that in a week. Some shows, however, are just not meant to be binged on. There’s only so much scripted drama about 5 orphans that one person should ingest in a day.

Back to the comedies on Netflix!


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