Personal Escape

Baseball Cap with LEDI’ve been thinking about taking a couple of days off work and going out of town for a little getaway. There is a provincial park nearby that feels like a second home and I think I’d like to take a little tent, a bike, an eReader and my new hat with a brim light and just slide away on my own for a couple of nights.

I’m dreaming of riding every day, sitting by the river reading a good mystery and maybe even renting a kayak for a couple of hours. And naturally, a nightly campfire.


I camp at this park a couple of times every year with my mom, sister and nephew. Those trips are always great fun, but they take a lot of planning and prep on my behalf. The thought of just being responsible for myself in those surroundings is exciting.

This isn’t the first year I’ve dreamed of this lone camping trip. However, in summers past, I wanted to get away so that I could drink openly for consecutive days. It was a drinking getaway that I was desiring. How sad in retrospect.

But this isn’t about being sober. In fact I want this to be a break from everything, including the mental drain that comes with staying sober.  I’m 169 days sober and I haven’t taken more than a couple of scattered days off from work during this time.  I think I need a little time off, both as a reward and a reboot.

My rollercoaster of emotions have been especially bumpy these past few weeks.  Depression has been hitting me harder and more frequently.  While I believe my medication needs some tweaking, I’m also just naive enough to believe that some fresh air, exercise and time to myself will do me a world of good.  At the very least, it will be fun to entertain the idea for a little while.




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