Why Isn’t There More Time To Do What I’ve Put Off??

www.freefoto.comThere just aren’t enough free hours in the day to do everything I want/need to do!  The next two weeks are busy – nothing extraordinary, but there are a lot of little deadlines and commitments.  My ADHD mind knew, in an abstract way, that some of these commitments were coming up, but I hadn’t connected the dots because of my finely tuned ability to delay and put things into the mental “deal with later” file.

So yesterday I connected the dots – I put together a beautifully formatted (ADHD) spreadsheet outlining the next 2 weeks and all of the little tasks that need to be done in order to hit the big deadlines.  Then the anxiety set in.  I’m trying to be very mindful of my usual ADHD pitfalls, especially underestimating how much time a task will actually take.  Not to mention my tendency to over schedule, having the best intentions to complete 17 tasks in one day (“I can do it, no problem”), with no chance in hell of getting to half of them.

There’s no choice but to simply do as much as I can and let the less important tasks fall away.  Amidst all of the mundane tasks that need to get done, there are a few fun plans that I don’t want to overshadow with anxiety and over planning (and the subsequent self-loathing for not completing said 17 tasks).

The highlight of the next week is reuniting with 5 friends I haven’t seen in 10 years.  This is an evening I want to purely enjoy and not allow any of my (73) mental roadblocks overshadow.  Let’s see if I can strong-arm my brain into being normal – if only for a little while!


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