Day 62: Recovery and Reflections

Bike Ride - RiverLast weekend I went camping with some family at the Pinery.  It’s a spectacular park with beautiful scenery.  We rented a one-room cabin with an enclosed porch.

Compared to my fellow cabin mates, I’m an early riser.  Not wanting to disturb my slumbering campers, I stealthily grabbed my Kobo in the dark and went out to the porch to read.  My plan was to curl up on one of the Adirondack chairs and submerge myself into The Shining until everyone stirred.

Within moments of sitting on the porch, I realized that it was far too chilly to sit still for any amount of time.  I mean, it was only 3°C for Christ’s sake!   The bright idea that I had when I woke up was clearly influenced by the snug temperature of my bed.

The combination of not wanting to disturb my family and the near-zero temperature spawned another idea: bike ride!  The exercise would keep me warm and given the time of day, it would undoubtedly be a peaceful ride through the park.  I quietly grabbed a pair of gloves and set off along the river for an early morning ride.

It was spectacular.  The park was remarkably still, giving me an opportunity to reflect on the pure enjoyment of flying along the trail without a single thought about “real world” problems.  It was precisely the reset button I needed at that point in my life.  I later blogged about this reset and the importance of finding the button once in a while.

During this time in my life especially, in the early days of sobriety, it’s important to escape the things that typically cloud my mind.  It’s very easy for me to become overwhelmed with mental lists, self-hatred and worry.  Whether the cloudiness is coming from the bipolar, ADHD or anxiety-ridden parts of me, it’s something I need to regularly escape from.  If I don’t, I risk returning to alcohol.  I know this because I’ve been through the cycle of recovery many times.  My old tricks for sobriety haven’t worked, so I’m trying new things.

This long weekend, I’ve taken an early-morning ride each day.  I’m lucky to live only a couple of blocks from an entrance to a city-wide path.   Each ride this weekend has been a mini reset.

That is how I will get through Day 62.



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