To eBook or Not to eBook

The Long Room in Trinity College LibraryI’m a reader. I’m a world shopper ( can deliver to my Canadian door in 2 days – it’s fabulous!).  I’m technology-curious.  I’m impulsive.

All of these pieces of myself have resulted in owning too many books.  I have bookcases overflowing with hardcovers, paperbacks, fiction, biographies, cookbooks, poetry, mysteries, and everything in between.  Most fall into the category of “haven’t read” or “will never read again”.  Yet, I cannot part with them.

Hoping to stop the cycle of impulsive (perhaps compulsive?) literary purchasing, reduced storage space, and increasing self-loathing for ignoring the growing stacks of books, I’ve moved to an eReader.  I’m certainly not leading the pack in discovering new technology here!  It took me several years to make the move away from the physical book (which is in stark contrast to my usual impetuous purchasing).  I was most concerned that reading on a screen could not compare with reading an actual book.

I doubt I’ll replace cookbooks with electronic versions, but when it comes to a gripping story, it’s just as easy to become lost in words on a screen as words on a page.  I’m currently reading “The Shining”.  (How I’ve gone my entire life never reading Stephen King, I do not know).  A good story is a good story, no matter the medium.

Am I cured of impulsive literary purchasing?  Long-term, unlikely so.  However, in the short-term I’ve stopped buying books and don’t have a desire to stock-pile eBooks.  A list of files is just not as satisfying as a full bookcase.  So far, anyways…


3 thoughts on “To eBook or Not to eBook

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  2. Lately I’ve noticed a trend in my readings. Hard copies are read in the mornings, and eBooks are read at night. It’s much easier to hold or prop an iPad or Kindle Fire up at night and read in a dark room before drifting off to sleep than it is to hold a 350 page book and read by lamplight. Just my opinion at this stage of life.



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