Empty Stage“This isn’t a dress rehearsal.” This phrase has stuck with me for a few days. You never know when someone’s words are going to resonate. This time it was Jim Norton on O&A talking about his life and career, and coming to the realization that life is not a “dress rehearsal”.

I have been living my life as though it’s the practice frame.

Many of my internal monologues start with “If I could do it over again…”.  It’s time to stop dwelling on the past and how I would change it.  I need to take whatever lesson is there and apply it to today.

After leaving the culinary world, I neatly tucked away those experiences and convinced myself that it was time to leave and I would never look back.  5 years have passed and I’m thinking about how I would have done things differently at the cafe.  I’ve been mentally developing new menu items, prep schedules and a smarter mise en place.  They are foolish thoughts; I will never have another chance at the cafe.  It wasn’t a dress rehearsal, it was opening night.

The lesson to apply today, is to take an honest evaluation of how I’m living all aspects of my life.  What am I doing (or not doing) that I will reflect upon with disappointment?   What would future me change about present me?



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