Here I am, at work, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the “to-do” list that’s staring at me.  I move the list outside of my peripheral vision, but I know it’s there.  I feel it, the way you can sense someone looking at you.

I should be working on one of the thirty tasks.  Instead I’m procrastinating via shallow internet surfing.

I’ve recently adopted a new strategy for maintaining focus at work and keeping on-task: each morning I create the day’s to-do list, using the leftover items from previous days’ lists and adding appropriately.  I then prioritize the items, using the Franklin Covey ABC method.  So far, this works tremendously well… until the list gets too long.  Then it’s game over, let’s see who’s Tweeting.

Today, the list is too long.  There are too many “A” items to reasonably get done in a day.  A hardworking person would look at the list, realize that perhaps not everything can get done in a day, but they’d do their best to knock out as much as possible.  Me?  Let’s see who’s Tweeting…

There’s now an hour left to the work day and I’ve accomplished very little of note.  For the most part, I’ve been racing through my mind all of the tasks I need to accomplish outside of work over the next 72 hours.  I have lists and schedules, but it’s still overwhelming.  I can never 100% trust that I’ve captured everything that needs to be done.  I also can’t trust myself to not put things off.  All of which leads to anxiety, sleeplessness and ultimately: getting only a fraction of the list completed.

Let’s see who’s Tweeting…



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