I used to consider myself an aspiring writer. Essays, poetry, and short stories were a creative outlet when emotions were too overwhelming to understand. Lately, I’ve aspired to become an aspiring writer again. I fell away from writing, replacing that creative time with mindless activities. Today’s going to be different. I’m turning off the tv and putting pen back to paper.

After more than 2 decades of using journals and binders of ruled paper, I’m leaping into the 90’s and starting anew, electronically. The drawback: backspace removes all trace of rejected free-flow thoughts. I have often written pieces that started with an idea that came from a crossed-out paragraph. The benefit: my spelling will appear to have improved with auto-correct!

It’s been some time since I’ve gone through my old journals and binders. I’m interested in going back through the years and revisit the younger me. From time to time, I’ll post old pieces and comment on them from an older, wiser perspective. Well, at least “older”.

Stay tuned…



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